DIY ombre nails




It’s a trend I’ve spotted on many Hollywood stars and since I’m a big nail-models fan, I decided to try this and share it with you gals!
It’s pretty, fast and simple; it will take only a few minutes once you get the hang of it.

I used 3 shades of pink and it turned out a pretty good job, I’d say. You can do it with whatever colors you like, and you can even add glitter:D.


images (2)

And now, I’ll show you how I did it.

  • First, paint the entire nail with the lightest color and let it dry.


  • Now you’ll start to create the gradient. I used a little piece of a sponge for dishes. I think it’s better to use such a sponge because it creates a more uniform gradient. Cosmetic sponges will work too.

With the nail polish brush, apply a little amount on your sponge and then apply it with slow moves on your nail.


This is the 2nd coat.

  • And now the 3rd coat which will be the last one, will be applied as same as the 2nd, accentuating on the tip of the nail.


If you want it, you can add glitter:


And you’re done! Hope you like it and find it useful. Oh, and these are the nail polishes I used:




Lace stripes







Hey hey hey!! I can finally wear dresses(oh, the joy!) :)). Yes, I have a confession to make: I simply love dresses! Long ones, short ones, classic, modern, it doesn’t matter-they’re pieces of art and I believe that a beautiful dress makes a woman look great!
Now, I am thinking about „expanding” my blog. I’m thinking about some DIY projects ( I have some really cheap and nice ones) and some inspiration for hairstyles and co. .
I expect your feedback regarding this matter and I hope it’ll be a positive one:)!

And a few words about my pictures: this little black&white dress is one of my favorites in my closet, the main reason which I like it so much being the fabric-it’s  some kind of lace-you can see it in the close-up photo.
Well, that’s all. Tell me what you think about the DIY category. Meanwhile, I’m gonna rearrange my closet with the hope that I’ll find something fabulous! Kisses!

Dress: Atmosphere; Denim jacket; Black leather boots; LV bag; Local market bracelets.

When life gives you lemons..






Yeeey!! Finally sunshine. I really loved this day because it was so sunny and warm. I have waited sooo much for it.
I wore a lemon blouse (to match with the weather) and boyfriend jeans, which I’ve fallen in love with.
I wish a loooooot of sun for everybody. Kisses!!

H&M boyfriend jeans, Bershka blouse, H&M T-shirt, no-name boots & bag.

Denim & fur





A quick post about what I’ve worn today:D. The cold weather still doesn’t want to go away( and I hate this because I don’t really have too much options underneath large jackets and warm boots).
But today I had a whim: to wear my recently-purchased denim jacket, but guess what..I realized it was too cold. So I threw over my fur vest and gone I was!:). I kept it simple in rest: black trousers and black boots. As it seemed that nothing was working out like I wanted to, my hair was very very stubborn and I really think it was enjoying my angry expressions. I finally decided for a 2-minutes messy bow-bun, accessorized with my favorite headband.
I’m wearing: Glow vest, Pimkie trousers, denim jacket, H&M headband, Meli Melo earrings.
Hope you have a nice weekend! Kisses!

Hello world! :D




Hello world! I have finally finished my blog- a project I’ve been expecting for a long time- and this is my first post. My passion for fashion started ever since I was about 3 years old, when I started drawing models- something that wanted to be a fashion sketch:). As I grew up, I realized that I really loved this field and I wanted to be a designer, but in the last moment I’ve changed my mind and headed for Economic International Relations at Ase Bucharest (which, by the way, wasn’t a bad choice!:) ). A few years ago a tiny little idea occured to me- to start a blog and I’m so happy that it finally became real! It’s a blog about fashion- but fashion in my eyes( clothes, lifestyle, accessories, things I love and DIY projects). I won’t give any advice or something like that because I know that I don’t have the knowledge for that.I get inspired from a lot of fashion blogs, street fashion, designers of course( Valentino FTW:) ) and all the little things around me. Hope you like my posts! The blog isn’t completely ready, but I’m working hard on this. This is my first post,I’m still learning, but I expect your feedback and any comments will be welcomed.
I decided to wear this at a night-out with a few friends, nothing too fancy! The skirt is shiny underneath, but I decided to introduce in this look a few „tough” elements- my leather studded jacket and a studded purse- because I didn’t want to look too elegant.
Personally, I like the combinations between „sweet” and „tough”, such as a leather jacket worn with a long, flowing dress.

I’m wearing: Glow skirt, Pull&Bear jacket, Zara top, Meli-Melo key necklace and ring.

I repeat, this is my FIRST post, so please don’t be so harsh on me!:)